The future

With the purpose of changing the face of renewable energy in Brazil and in the world, Aurora was founded to become an important solar energy generator, through completely clean and safe technology which is capable of changing our relationship with the planet.

We seek the best technological innovations and work to place and maintain the country among those that produce the most clean energy in the world. To achieve this goal, we seek an extensive knowledge in energy, strategy, and engineering to ensure excellence in governance and credibility in the photovoltaic energy sector.

With these efforts to achieve the best results in generating clean and renewable energy, Aurora seeks to positively impact the lives of the inhabitants of the world, with a new respect for life and the environment.


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December 2015
Aurora Energia is born, founded by Fabricio Lopes, already with its mission and values.

January 2016
The first project is filed at ANEEL, our Cluster I, has more than 1,360 MW approved.

July 2017
Idealization and launch of the largest solar energy project in Brazil, with more than 1GW planned, showing originality, innovation and boldness.

March 2019
Cluster II, designed with 836MWp, has its first environmental approval for 392MW.

January 2020
Designed with 1,100MWp, Cluster III has its environmental approval for 412MW.

July 2020
Milestone in the mining sector: Cluster I is acquired by mining giant Vale S.A. (NYSE: VALE), which works to increase the capacity for self-generation and self-sufficiency in clean energy in Brazil and is committed to investing more than R$ 2.5 billion by 2022.
August 2020
Aurora gets approval for the largest environmental license for solar energy in the world. The Berço das Gerais project has more than 5,700 MW of energy, which will be enough to power more than 4 million homes.
December 2020
Cluster I (Sol do Cerrado) is 100% acquired by Vale S.A. (NYSE: VALE), which is committed to carrying out this grand and pioneering project, bringing benefits to the planet and development to the north of the State of Minas Gerais.
Aurora contributes to transforming Minas Gerais into the largest producer of solar energy in the world.

Quality standard

With a focus on a better future, Aurora seeks excellence in all solar parks. By combining of transparency, social responsibility, purpose and technical knowledge, it guarantees maximum quality in all aspects of energy generation.

To achieve this goal, Aurora Energia works with renowned professionals in the industry who possess solid experience in their areas of expertise. They are professionals completely committed to our values of integrity, innovation, and transformingBrazil into one of the world’s largest and most complete solar energy generators.

This search for excellence also includes integration with the environment and combating socioeconomic issues in the areas in which Aurora operates, strengthening society as a whole and generating a virtuous cycle of quality, satisfaction, and growth.

ISO 37001 certification
International standard of compliance and responsible governance.
Clusters in areas with differentiated infrastructure
Includes administrative headquarters and an airstrip.
Ideal land for the development of solar parks
Flat, wide, continuous and with very little or no environmental intervention.


Contribute to a better future on the planet, with greater sustainability and respect for the environment;
Work to improve the socioeconomic conditions for society as a whole;
Innovate, develop and implement solutions of excellence for solar energy businesses.


State of the art;
Respect for all human beings;
Respect for the environment;
Commitment to sustainability;
Compliance with obligations and contracts;
Differentiated quality with competitiveness.


World-class solutions for sustainable energy generation.