Cluster IV

Know the solar park, its progress, and the features that make it attractive.


Aurora Energia, a company that is 100%from Minas Gerais and fully committed to environmental and social sustainability, is presenting to the State of Minas Gerais another vigorous project. After innovating and launching the largest solar project in Brazil, the company is now taking another step to launch its newest and grandest project.

Not by chance, named Berço das Gerais, the solar park will produce 5,700 MW of clean energy — enough to supply more than 4 million homes with average consumption(300KWh/month). The largest solar energy generation cluster in the world is currently the municipality of Matias Cardoso, where the sun has been responsible for drought and aridity for decades. Now, the greatest source of energy on the planet is bringing rays of hope and energy of change.

The city famous for being the initial landmark of colonization in the State and historical heritage will also be a model of innovation and clean energy. Generating electricity through photovoltaic solar energy has great advantages when compared to other renewable energy sources, such as not producing any toxic gas and relying on an inexhaustible source. This development will be a real milestone for a more responsible and futuristic society.

The benefits of the Berço das Gerais project go beyond the financial ones, since they will greatly contribute to the development of Minas Gerais andBrazil as a whole with wide socioeconomic impacts, especially for the communities in the north of Minas Gerais. The project will bring a new era of development, jobs, and opportunities to designate the region, once and for all, as a reference in the renewable energy segment and generate well-deserved visibility on a global level, with a Capex of approximately R$ 17 billion.