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Using the best technology available and favoring the logistics of transmission and maintenance, our photovoltaic panels generating energy are concentrated in some projects located in the north and northwest of Minas Gerais. These groups are called "Clusters", following the concept of solar farms.

That is, instead of a vision of “home” solar energy, with few panels installed in different locations generating energy for only one location, Aurora Energia works with the creation of larger structures that can generate clean energy on a large scale and will meet demand of complex societies like ours, with thousands of homes, industries and businesses that need energy to function. We currently have four Clusters in planning and development.

All clusters are designed with the utmost respect for local communities and the environment and seek to bring not only clean energy to Brazil, but socio-economic development through job creation. For this reason, the facilities preserve the local fauna and flora, while providing all the necessary structure to generate and transmit clean, safe and renewable energy.


8,500 MW of approved DROs;
8,400 MWp in environmental license (LP, LI and LO);
Required solarimetric measurement period started in September 2016;
Flat and continuous terrain, with the land issue resolved;
No interference with the legal reserve;
Creation of ecological corridors;
Connection to the basic network;
Region covered by SUDENE's tax incentives and benefits;
Excellent speed and amount of wind, which helps to cool the plates and increases energy efficiency;
One of the best solarimetric indices in Brazil, confirmed by Certification of Solarimetric Data and Annual Energy Production - P50 (MWh / YEAR) = 32.9% F.C;
Landing and takeoff runway.
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